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Post Op Massage $125

Necessary after any surgery, promotes lymphatic movement aiding in molding/shaping

while reducing swelling and stiffness.

60 min


Bundle Deals Available below for savings. 

Booking Consultation Required PRIOR

Lymphatic Detox Massage $125



This massage technique is used for full body focusing primarily on your lymphatic system

with specific hand techniques. Can be used to reduce stagnant fluid, swelling/edema

and promote your immune system to function properly.

60 min

Hand & Foot Herbal Dip $60

Ultimate relaxation experience! Receive hand and foot sugar scrub, followed by herbal paraffin dip and reflexology massage.

Steamed towels and hot stone included. Great for arthritis and inflammation or edema in joints. 

45 min

Mental Health Wellness Massage $85
Monthly Membership rate $75

Swedish massage introducing your nervous system to "rest" it is a superficial-firm massage focusing on relaxing the mind and body. Great for individuals who experience anxiety, depression or disrupted nervous system. Ideal for deep relaxation experience. 

60 min

Deep Tissue Massage $120
Monthly Membership rate $75

Deep Tissue massage focusing on releasing muscles stiffness and tightness through deeper pressure, allowing your muscles to experience a "release". This massage is ideal for individuals with stubborn stiff muscles

and or limited range of motion. Through trigger point therapy and deep pressure your muscles will feel more like dough than rock. 

60 min 

Cupping Massage $120

Cupping Massage utilizes suction, allowing muscles to release and relax through movement, lifting the muscle through suction therapy promotes circulation, decreases toxins and scar tissue, releases fascia, promoting oxygen to tissues while increasing range of motion. Great for nerve impingement like sciatica. Ideal for everyones full body wellness while releasing muscle tension.

 60 min 

Herbal Massage $125

Herbal Massage allows relaxation and healing through specific herbs used to open lungs, detox muscles and full body while invigorating your senses through aromatherapy and sound therapy making this the ultimate Holistic massage treatment. We incorporate a steam treatment designed to open sinuses and loosen muscles aiding in a deep state of relaxation and healing.
60 min 

Prenatal Massage $115
Monthly Membership rate $75

Prenatal Massage is honoring all expecting mothers past their first trimester. Carrying life is a huge task making self care the top of all responsibilities. Our trained therapist knows how to help with just that, through specializing in lower back movement and shoulder opening techniques our therapist allows for a relaxed environment allowing the body to follow. This is a full body massage, therapist are educated on contraindications and body positioning.
60 min 

Mental Health

Purchase Journal $1o
Journaling is a great self therapy that allows us to release and reflect, opportunity for self awareness as well that allows us to see our personal growth in real time. Journaling can be used to release negative emotions and write down positive ones with affirmations and goals. It is our personal imprint in this lifetime where we get to write our own story, for us by us. 


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